MACROSILLONS // quoi ? // what ?

MACROSILLONS is a sonic and *wandering (vagabonding, moveable*) sculpture. It makes its way from place to place and we plant it in public spaces and culturally influential zones where we try to focus on the significance of being together while contemplating an artistic object. MACROSILLONS is the resonant product of this endeavour: a hybrid, something… Poursuivre la lecture MACROSILLONS // quoi ? // what ?

MACROSILLONS // montage démontage entretien // assembly disassembly maintenance

Time to assemble/disassemble : 2 minutes Sculpture mounted on a tripod. It is possible to adjust the feet of the tripod to suit the ground’s particular requirements. It must be allowed to recharge about every eight hours. An instructions manual is included along with a remote control and a battery charger. Temps de montage/démontage: 2… Poursuivre la lecture MACROSILLONS // montage démontage entretien // assembly disassembly maintenance

MACROSILLONS // dispositif // system description

The horn (amplifier) is visible. Immediately *identifiable (recognizeable)*, it serves as a visual element that indicates that in this area there is a broadcast of sound. The sound is potentially audible at 30 meters and the level may be adjusted (by remote control, furnished with the sculpture). The sculpture is self-sufficient in energy (solar-powered).  It… Poursuivre la lecture MACROSILLONS // dispositif // system description